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CSK Scientific Press is a rapidly growing academic publisher which publishes peer-reviewed scholarly journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. All articles published in CSK Scientific Press are open-access and distributed worldwide. With an editorial team comprising some of the world's leading researchers, CSK Scientific Press communicates scientific discoveries all around the globe.

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Recent Releases

Magnetic – Magnetic

Review Article
Leonard Van Zanten

Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP) versus Traditional care after Elective Left Side Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Research Article
Ahmad Aboelkassem Ibrahim2, Reda M Moustafa1, Ashraf Abdulmoghni Moustafa1, Saleem EL-Rabaa2, Yahya
Salama2 and Tamer El-Sayed3*

Review on Biological Properties of Suture Materials

Review Article
Gebremedhin Yohannes 1*and Genet Syum 2